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hye sume...bertemu kembali..
Kejap jew rase cuti weekend neh..arineh da start keje.. cuti mcm tak cuti jew MZH rase..malas rasenye nk g keje sok..NA plak memg tgh cuti skang..disebabkan NA tgh coti skang neh, da 3 ari bturut2 MZH jmp NA.  rase seronok plak dapat jmp ari2..hehe

owh ye..kalo korg ingt lg..entry yg lps NA ad cite pasal ktorg nk tgk muvi kan??nk tawu ktorg tgk muvi pe??ktorg tgk THE GREEN gk la cite tu...byk action.... Yg plg best skali...kete dia leh updgrated mcm2..mmg gempak la kete dia..klu la ade kt Malaysia ni...cmperm sng nye polis2 nk tngkp penjahat kn...hahahaha..ktorg tgk 3D cite neh coz yg biasenye 3hb Feb br ada(kalo tak silap MZH la)

Tgk...Gempak x kete dia..Ni la kete yg digunakn dlm citer Green Hornet tu...

yang neh plak synopsis THE GREEN HORNET
Britt Reid (Seth Rogen) is the son of LA's most prominent and respected media magnate and perfectly happy to maintain a directionless existence on the party scene until his father James Reid (Tom Wilkinson) mysteriously dies, leaving Britt his vast media empire. Britt knows next to nothing about his father's newspapers or background, and without his father finds himself at a loss with the newspapers' employees, meetings, or even how to manage his own goals. After firing almost all his father's personal servants in the house, he eventually recalls one that he only knows as having been responsible for making his coffee, Kato (Jay Chou). For the newspaper, he hires a new secretary named Lenore Case (Cameron Diaz). 
The industrious and inventive Kato had long been working on the prized cars James owed and his son converted. Finding their love of cars a common ground, the two begin an unlikely friendship. Both agreeing that James had been a man of harsh temper, Britt decides to do something impulsive and settles on decapitating a public statue of his father. With Kato hidden in a car and Britt himself masked with a green cloth, he succeeds, but spots a street robbery taking place. Britt tries to help the victims but finds himself overwhelmed, and Kato sees his employer fleeing from several armed men. Kato quickly analyzes the situation, fights them off and drives a very impressed Britt home. With the incident they see their chance to do something meaningful for the first time in their lives: fight crime.
 kalo korg nk tawu lg pasal cite neh korg bleh arh tgk kt wyg..memg best la..tak rugi korg tgk

lps ktorg tgk wyg tu ktorg g jusco makhota cheras plak..sje jalan2 kt c2..smp2 jew kat sne nampk NYONYA DELIGHT wt promotion pasal makanan..ape lg..ktorg pon try la mkn kt c2

gmbr2 kt atas tu mase kt nyonya delight la..ktorg 1st time mkn kt c2..not bad gk arh makanan kt sne..kedai pon cantek n tersusun jew..ktorg order 1 makanan jew share 2 org..bkn pe..takot tak abis jew coz lps tu nk mkn lg..hehehe..lps makan tu ktorg jalan2 jap kt sne..MZH nk cari baju tp tak de plak yg bkenan..ktorg kt sne tak lme pon..tak smp sejam..parking pon free jew..then ktorg grk g village view plak..mesti korg pelik kan..ktorg asyk makan jew kn?hahaha..hobi ktorg neh memg mkn jew..if ktorg kuar pon mesti akan makan lebey dari yg peliknye bdn tak naik2 jugk..(syukur alhmdulillah)..

yang neh plak gmbr kt dalam restoran tu..gmbr agk gelap sikit sbbnye kt kdi tu memg suasane mcm tu..ala2 romantik ckit..lgpon mse ktorg smp kt sne da nk gelap da plus gne camera fon sbb tu gmbr jd mcm tu

neh antara menu2 kt village view..sume sdp..NA memg slalu g sni..kalo tak ngn MZH die slalu g ngn family die..n NA gk yg bwk MZH g cni..kt village view neh bkn jew ada masakan melayu..western pon ada gk..chicken grill kt village view neh memg sedap la..korg bleh arh try kalo g sni nati

yang neh plak ktorg order smlm..ikan tu favourite MZH tomyam tu plak favourite NA

semalam ktorg balik umh dgn perot yg kenyang coz byk sgt makan plus heppy sgt dpt spend time together..tu sje entry tok sunday entry will be coming soon k...


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  1. goodness, all the food making my stomach growl in hunger, esp the nasi lemak.


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