AEON has new brand & tagline

After a 28-year presence in Malaysia under its JUSCO stores brand, the third largest retailer in the country has decided to change and rebrand into AEON, which means "eternity" in Latin.

It has also adopted a new tagline, "AEON Enriching Your Lifestyle".

It replaces JUSCO, under which its stores have been operating since AEON Japan Ltd arrived here in 1984 at the invitation of the Malaysian Government.

AEON Japan is the owner of the largest retail chain stores in Japan. 

AEON Malaysia is a subsidiary of AEON Japan Ltd. 

All the JUSCO signages and pylon signages will be replaced in phases during the two-year rebranding exercise, it said. 
It said the J CARD holders will have their cards upgraded to the new AEON Member Card that will retain some of the previous J CARD benefits plus some new ones. 


Free Card Replacement from 15th March-30 April 2012

The membership card, which was formerly named J Card, is now named Aeon Member Card.

1. The one million J Card holders will have their member cards upgraded to the new cards that retain some of the J Card benefits, with additional perks.

2. All existing accumulated points will be transferred to the new Aeon Member Cards.

3. Members can replace their cards at the Aeon Member Card customer service counter for free starting from Thursday until April 30.

4. New members also enjoy a new fee rate at RM24 for a three-year membership.

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